Monday, June 16, 2008

Fred's Best Week Ever

The Washington State Senate Republicans released a video about Fred Walser's Best Week Ever: filing as a Democratic candidate for Senate, meeting with his lawyers, and then pleading guilty to the crime of providing false information (see our post detailing what happened there).

Then I decided to put the idea to music, with a song I called "Best Week Ever." It's what I do. Sometimes.

Both videos are below.


Miss Adventure, esquire. said...

Thank you for making this site!

I am from the town he essentially screwed over, then said he was going to sue for millions of dollars, NOW says he's guilty of a "clerical error" and that he's "sorry" for the pain he's caused the people of Sultan.


Sultanguy said...

Most people from this district don't know all about the troubles Fred and Donnetta Walser have caused, especially in Sultan.

The district goes all the way up to Granite Falls, right?

Those two have abused their power for years. If it will move their careers along or keep their jobs then they will do whatever it takes.

I wouldn't wish Fred or Donnetta Walser on the rest of the district because I've watched him destroy our little town and don't want that to happen to anybody.

Miss Adventure, esquire. said...

Wow, someone else in Sultan has a blogger account. :D

Color me amazed! ;) Hi, Sultanguy. I agree with your statements. I find it really refreshing that this site was made. I think that voters definitely need to know what happened out here in order to make an informed decision.

I may not agree with all of Val Steven's issues, but I have yet to see her not be extremely proactive in getting things done. As a Democrat, it is interesting to me to be in the boat where I'd rather be tortured with hot irons for a few hours than vote for Walser.

It is a WEIRD election year.

Chris Nandor said...

sultanguy: the 39th actually goes all the way up to Canada! I am north of Arlington myself.