Monday, June 23, 2008

Democrats Give $10K to Walser Following Guilty Plea

Filings from the Public Disclosure Commission show that the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee gave former Sultan Police Chief Fred Walser $10,000 for his campaign on June 17, almost two weeks after he pled guilty to providing false information and was sentenced to one year in jail.

The obvious question is: if you're a Democrat on the ballot, what do you have to do to NOT get money from the party?

The SDCC has also been paying for Walser's health insurance premiums to GroupHealth, since he has no job, as he was put on leave and resigned due to the investigation. (Correction: It was pointed out that we don't know whose insurance the SDCC is paying for, it could be insurance for people on his staff. Regardless, the point is the SDCC has given significant financial backing to Walser.)


Unknown said...

I am trying to locate the information concerning Walser's falsification of an accident involving Pat Slack's son, in about 1993 or 1995. If anyone has that information, I would greatly appreciate a copy.

Chad Minnick said...

I was new to the area at that time, but I recall the stories about it. I think the Washington State Patrocl investigated this matter and I'm pretty sure the kid ended up being charged criminally. You might be able to request the investigation from the State Patrol.

Here is the case number and info I found on the Court's website that probably matches the incident: Slack, Patric Lewis Jr
Defendant Sno Co-evergreen Div S00022073 05-24-1993 Criminal Traffic

Chris Nandor said...

And not for nothing, but Pat Slack has donated $250 to Walser's campaign, $125 in March and $125 in May.